What We Do

Sky Cargo USA, LLC. is Primarily an AIR CARGO COMPANY.  We Air Freight ITEMS from USA to Other Parts of the WORLD. 

                                                                       NEEDS  TO  KNOW

1.       All Cargo Tendered for Transportation Is Subject To Inspection

2.       Type of ID Required:  Driver License, USA Passport, State ID, Military ID, US Green Card. One Of these is Okay

3.       Sky Cargo USA, LLC does not Carry Prohibited items, Alcohol, Cologne, Perfume or any Items with Alcohol or Chemical in Them.

4.       All payments are due when Item,s are Tendered.

5.       No Cash on Delivery (COD). Payment in Foreign  Countries is subject to Management Approval.

6.       Sky Cargo USA, LLC. is not responsible for any Demages, Loss or Delay Caused by the Airline or third Parties, 

          But we will assist in ratifying the issue.

7.       All Item continuing From the First Port of Landing is Subject to Insurance Coverage/Transportation Fees.

8.       Sky Cargo USA, LLC. Responsibilities are to our Customers Thendering Items and NOT to Other Party/ies.

9.       Any Items Unclaimed After 5 Days Of Notification of Arrival will INCUR 20% Storage Fees Fo Each Day

          Thereafter. Any Item Left unclaimed After 60 Days will be Disposed OF.




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